Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

The man was completely drained and struggling to catch his breath as he lay on the pavement, while those around him seemed indifferent to his plight.

Meet Jack! He’s a young pup, estimated to be around 1.5 years old. Sadly, it seems that he may have been the victim of abuse and abandonment as he was found lying on the street in obvious distress. Despite being in pain and unable to move, he’s been passed by many people without any help.

Following that, the benevolent lady contacted us regarding rescuing a distressed dog. She appointed me to take care of Jack. Presently, we’ve made it to the veterinary clinic.

As of today, the clinic bids farewell to Jack as he sets out on a quest to find an affectionate caretaker who will give him a permanent home. With his amiable personality, Jack is sure to be a beloved companion to his future owner.

Jack is having a memorable day today. He found a loving home with a kind-hearted owner in Bucharest.

Throughout his journey, Jack has been acquiring fresh knowledge and skills. Kudos to you, Jack! He has also experienced moments of joy and contentment.

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