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A bird that makes a real rainbow of color for the naked eye.

An extremely shy and beautiful bird splashed with rainbow-colored tones making it a must-see for birders and photographers alike.

Meet the Blue-winged pitta

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @sgnature_

The blue-winged pitta (Pitta moluccensis), is a passerine bird in the Pittidae family. A highly colorful bird with a buff stripe above the eye and a white collar, a greenish upper body, yellowish underparts, and fiery red vent with blue wings.

Photo Courtesy of JJ Harrison / CC BY-SA 3.0
A real rainbow of color for the naked eye.

Juveniles have a similar pattern to the adults, however, their plumage is a little duller.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @woodforthetr33s

This bird’s range extends from India into Malaysia and Indonesia, down into southern China and the Philipines.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @woodforthetr33s

This bird prefers to live in moist wooded areas, gardens, and parks, avoiding densely forested areas.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @sgnature_

The Blue-winged pitta forages around for food, picking through fallen leaves and looking for prey like snails, crickets, ants, and earthworms.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @warrier_remya

The Blue-winged pitta breeds during spring, building a somewhat untidy sphere-shaped nest on the ground. Up to five eggs are laid and incubated by both the male and female, hatching in about sixteen days.

Photo Courtesy of Doug Janson / CC BY-SA 3.0

Though this species is not threatened on a global level as it is quite widespread, it is quite rare in southern China.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram / @warrier_remya

Watch this bird in the video right here below:

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