Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

In today’s world, fundraising has become a common practice, and many individuals use platforms such as GoFundMe to mark their birthdays or achieve their aspirations. Recently, the furry girl, Mandai Mama, has garnered an overwhelming amount of support aimed at saving her life. You can make a difference by contributing towards giving her a reason to smile again.

Causes for Animals, a non-profit organization in Singapore that provides aid to stray animals, is currently caring for a diverse mix of pets, including a particular breed. The team is working tirelessly to rescue the animal, which arrived at the shelter through a program established to neuter stray dogs.

The animals under the care of this organization are not technically rescued, but they do receive free sterilization and medical attention, as well as food. However, the case of one particular animal, Mandai, was so extreme that the organization felt compelled to take further action. Despite the complicated health situation, they could not abandon her. Mandai had developed a bump on her nose that had grown so large that she was having trouble eating and drinking. These simple activities posed a great challenge to her and her life was in danger. Her eyes seemed to reflect the pain she was feeling. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the organization took Mandai Mama into their custody and brought her to Animal World Veterinary Clinic where she underwent several examinations and tests to determine the extent of her condition.

After rescuing Mandai, Causes for Animals reached out to their Facebook followers to request financial support for her potential surgery. Unfortunately, a recent update revealed that the tumor is too aggressive and cannot be removed through surgery. Mandai Mama will require hospice care for the time being as the cancer has spread. However, despite the inability to perform surgery, Mandai still requires expensive therapy to manage her condition. It is a relief to see that Mandai is recovering well compared to her previous state when she was living on the streets.

The pooch is presently under the watchful eye of Gentle Paws, which is a haven for senior dogs, and will still need support from all of us.

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